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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

Who We Are


Nature's Oasis is a small footprint, all-natural foods market and cafe'.  Our goal is to support local small businesses by helping to bring their products to market.  Our products all meet our strict ingredient & quality standards so that we only bring the best, wholesome products to our customers.    We are leading the movement to localize our food supply!

Our Market


Conveniently Healthy!  We want to stress the idea that 'fast' doesn't always have to be 'unhealthy'.  Our market is designed for easy and quick shopping.  We want our customers to enjoy their days, instead of navigating the maze-like shopping experience of big-box groceries. 


Nature’s Oasis holds high quality standards for our food products.  Taste and value is key, but all items in our stores will be:

  • Free of added hormones

  • Free of artificial preservatives

  • Free of artificial sweeteners

  • Free of artificial and trans fats

  • Free of artificial colors or flavors

  • Free of antibiotics

  • Free of high-fructose corn syrup

  • Free of bleached or bromated flour

Our Cafe


Following our same ingredient and quality standards, we serve healthy meals and artisian beverages. 

Local Commitment:


  • Our coffee is locally roasted

  • Our tea is from local companies.

  • Our bread is made in Lakewood.

  • Our baked goods are made by local bakeries.

  • Our dairy is from local farms.

  • Our produce is sourced locally whenever possible.

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